Teshima Island is hosting one of the most beautiful masterpiece. The museum is located on a hill of the island and close to a rice landscape, which was renovated together with local residents.

Teshima Art museum was designed by Tokyo-based architect Ryue Nishizawa, and Japanese artist Rei Naito. They created a beautiful single piece, made by a thick layers of concrete (25cm) in a form of a drop (looking from above). The museum host only one exposition that is the drops from rain water. The open structure allows the water to come inside and move around the floor according to the wind. It is a lovely combination between architecture and nature, where they meet and engage to each other.

Everything starts when you arrive to the island and see this beautiful landscape. You walk up through the street until you get into the museum information center. You get your ticket and the magic begins. The pathways i short, but through nature to get int the museum door. You are asked to take out the shoes, and but you stuff on a bag – and asked to not talk or photograph. The intention is to make you “free” and really enjoy the space and the exposition – no distraction (that is why I don´t have any pictures from inside). The most incredible experience I ever had.

It is a temple in the middle of a small island. If you close your eyes you can hear the drops moving, the wind coming through, the birds singing outside and the waves far way. You look into the single concrete structure, with no edges or corner. You look next to you and the person as fascinate as you are.You sit, you meditate, you observe. You breath.

written by Camila Buschle

photos by Camila Buschle