C A M I L A   B U S C H L E
Constructing Architect M.A.K
MSc. Sustainable Designer

28. From Curitiba, based in Copenhagen.

In the past 4 years, I have participated in more than 10 international projects, within buildings, landscape and research. My experience was shared within international and well-known offices such as COBE, BIG, Tredje Natur and Valrygg Architecture.

During this period, I developed 3 main focus: design, sustainability and storytelling – not as individual disciplines but how they complement each other within creative processes. Design is based on my professional background, where I create, develop and explore different ideas. Sustainability as part of my specialisation, where social, environmental and economical aspects are merged within a range of concepts. Storytelling as a communication tool, where I am sharing words, photography and interviews.

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