Throughout my research in whom I should ask the question, my grandma was one of the first in my mind. I don’t think she actually knows the word sustainability, but she definitely understands about a sustainable living mode.

From my very first memories, I record her separating the trash, harvesting the garden, and buying clothes only when she needs.

Maybe it came from her very simple living and low budget. Nevertheless, she adapted her way out to live.

This interview will be a bit different. She has responded to my questions – but I will add my memories in between as well. As older I get, more I recognize some attitudes and habits of her on me. I already told my husband, he know how I will be when I will turn 80. 🙂  

The focus with her is about kitchen garden, harvesting, medicinal teas/herbs and how that build up her life.

Maria Izabel, Nena

From Campo Largo and currently in Curitiba, 83 years old. Twice widow, 3 daughters, 6 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren. Worked as…, . She does not drink water – but she drinks liters of tea every day. She smokes (quite a lot), and that her only health problem. She likes gardens, flowers, sun, cheese, but does not really like meat. She is my best friend. She is open minded. She has always so much to say. We spend hours and hours every week in the phone. She is the best I ever wished for.