I am graduated as Constructing Architect, and have a master degree in Sustainable Design. I worked at international firms such as BIG, Tredje Natur and currently I am expressing my creativity at Valrygg Architecture, in Copenhagen.

During my master thesis, I explored different possibilities on knowledge sharing within design processes. The research allowed me (together with my colleague) to investigate different elements that support sharing between people and product. One of these elements is storytelling, as a way to express your ideas towards others.

By combining the research and personal interest, I created a project called STORIES – A SUSTAINABLE LIVING MODE, where I am asking inspiring and creative people to tell their sustainability stories.


The goal is to introduce sustainability as a living mode, and not only as an additional feature within the new era. Sustainability (the ability to sustain) may be part of our sense of living, in a holistic approach which includes economical, environmental and social aspects as one. The project may motivate people by showing that simple elements can be integrated within daily habits, as well as reach to everyone.

I believe that my experience as architect may be used in a broader aspect. I apply adaptations within her design, as well hunt nice stories to support the idea of a sustainable living mode.


If you have a good story or know someone that shares a nice one, please get in touch. I am looking forward to hear personal and professional ideas that are aiming sustainability.