The Botanical Garden in Copenhagen is full of discoveries and textures.

The green house is the most valuable space, in my opinion. It is a combination of a greenery palette within a dense atmosphere. It is very warm inside, and as you go up… hotter it is. Tropical. You walk up, through a hided but beautiful white staircase. Again, it is warm. You breath, and you look down towards the plants. The mix of green is stunning. You keep walking, within plants and people, in a straight corredor. You turn, and walk down. The air now seems fresh, which is weird.

The green house has different rooms, where it is located thousands of plants and flowers. The spaces are quite nice, very welcoming. You want to stay, or you leave thinking that you should come back.

In between plants and green, a couple talk. She is wearing a nice red dress, as well has short hair. He is wearing a dark blue t-shirt. They were enjoying themselves, in a warm Saturday afternoon.

written by Camila Buschle

photos by Camila Buschle