Camila Buschle

I am a constructing architect, sustainable designer and storyteller. From Curitiba and based in Copenhagen, I am currently hunting stories within different work environments and living modes.

In the past 4 years, I have participated in more than 10 international projects, within buildings, landscape and research. My experience was shared within international and well-known offices such as COBE, BIG, Tredje Natur and Valrygg Architecture.

During this period, I developed 3 main focus: design, sustainability and storytelling – not as individual disciplines but how they complement each other within creative processes. Design is based on my professional background, where I create, develop and explore different ideas. Sustainability as part of my specialisation, where social, environmental and economical aspects are merged within a range of concepts. Storytelling as a communication tool, where I am sharing words, photography and interviews.

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Sustainability is my other half

My first professional contact with sustainability was in 2011, when I got invited to travel to Crete, in Greece, for 2 weeks summer course on renewable energy and small scale sustainable solutions. It was the first time I met people from different places, but yet taking similar approaches towards solutions and ideas. In the end of the same year, I went to study in China, for a month, and discuss sustainable solutions for the Chengdu University campus. The result was a draft of how to refurbish the local library and improve their indoor climate. The same project was later presented in the First International Conference of Architecture and Urban Design in Tirana, Albania. In 2012, a friend and I started an initiative called Monarch, where we invited different professionals to our university to discuss architecture, design and sustainability. A range of topics were discussed and introduced towards the students, such as Cradle to Cradle, circular economy,  eco-villages and principles of sustainable design.  

Moving to 2013, I finally presented my bachelor thesis, which the topic was biomimicry. My interest in forms and nature lead me to investigate honeycombs and behaves, and its relation with buildings structure. My interest had grown, as well as my professional experience. Bouncing between different architectural offices, lectures and by meeting inspiring people, I decided to take my master is Sustainable Design. I had in mind that I would create a range of products and move from there, BUT the master, actually,  grounded me. Sustainability is broad, and it does require a lot of research, communication, management and engagement to be applied. It can be simple and complex at the same time. The question: “What is sustainability?” arrised many times within discussions and assignments. In my final thesis (2014), I decided to talk about knowledge sharing, not focusing on sustainability per se, but trying to find responds in how to connect people and solutions – how to engage different stakeholders and make them talk or find a middle ground towards sustainability.

To follow up, in 2016 (- present), I started a journal where I interview a range of professional in order to understand how sustainability is or it can be part of their working and living mode. The project is up and running, see it here.

In 2017, I combined social media and sustainable talks. I created a # called #30sustdays, where I shared during 30 days sustainable ideas, solutions and educative notes. The result was way better than I expected. The feedback from people, encouraged me to continue talking and discussing sustainability openly on instagram and journal.